Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

    I work with individuals who are suffering from depression, anxiety, personality problems, grief and loss, anger, relationship difficulties, existential and spiritual concerns, gender and sexuality issues, work-related stress, and trauma. Psychodynamic psychotherapy offers an opportunity to delve into the belief systems and patterns that result in troubling behaviors and mental states. Often, patients experience relief by means of talking through confusing and painful experiences in a confidential therapeutic relationship.


    Although psychodynamic psychotherapy can reduce symptoms and their severity, I also offer more intensive treatment in the form of psychoanalysis. This treatment permits in-depth exploration of the unconscious patterns and beliefs that cause one distress. If you have ever wondered why you persist in a behavior that you know to be against your own best interests, you are familiar with the unconscious motivations behind troubling patterns. When persons seek a deeper understanding of self and an opportunity to work more intensively, psychoanalysis is often the treatment of choice.

    About Cynthia Lee, Ph.D.

    Supervision and Consultation

    I offer supervision and consultation for mental health professionals seeking to deepen their knowledge and clinical skills and approach their work with greater creativity and confidence.